Electric Bikes in Wellington

If you are looking for a more efficient and cheaper method of transport then the electric bike could be something that you should consider. There are different types of bikes built are all user needs such as small and easy to fold bikes for city use and then high powered 300W motors for climbing large hills. They are a great way to easily travel and many of them also have a speed of over 32km/h so can easily keep up to or even surpass normal bike users.


Why Do People Choose These Electric Bikes?

People in New Zealand choose these bikes as they are a great way to get fit and healthy and at the same time save them a ton of money on transport. Buying fuel is expensive, especially when you add on the car cost and insurance and a whole host of other expenses. With an electric bike they are affordable to buy and then only require a small amount of electricity to fully change and you are ready to go. These bikes also give you the ability to travel anywhere you want to go, with a range of over 80km they are a great choice for medium travel distances and only take a few hours to charge.


Are there any Other Benefits

Apart from saving you money they are also very reliable as they have been designed with only high quality parts that are built to last. As well as using high quality parts we also made the bike very easy to use by placing the motor in a more efficient place and making the controls easy to operate.


Why Should I Get an Electric Bike?

Many people only take journeys that are a few kilometers. These short journeys will not take much time difference if you were to use a car or an electric bike and it will also save you a lot of money on fuel. Also with the 80km range you can also make those longer distance trips knowing you have the power to get back.

So if you want a great way to travel that is affordable and also increases you fitness level then buy an electric bike today. If you would like to browser our selection of bikes then have a look at the electric bikes in wellington that we offer. Get the superior design and great reliability that you need to travel to your destination in style.